Tithing is the religious tradition of putting one's charitable nature into practice by giving a proportion of your income to charity. Man's true wealth is the good he does in this world. Money can be donated to anyone and anywhere, but it should be judged effectively this will be utilised.

IOL is the only organisation of one of its kind in India, who developed with an objective object to improve the laboratory science and technology.

Today whatever any material food and non-food items we are using on which test results are being used for diagnosis of its' quality is fully depending on the standard/status of our laboratory i.e. how good our laboratory, how we can rely on the rest results and ultimately how soon this final result will come to our hand for use based on the development of laboratory science and technology. Use of latest and approved technology ensure safe and quality product and services for mankind

Your donation/Donation received from the members will be used only for research & development of laboratory, allied science & technology and ultimately our motto/goal would be for the benefit of mankind/for public at large involved, particularly in laboratory sector this will be used for benefit of mankind

WHAT YOU CAN DONATE : Any kind of movable/immovable property, cash and voluntary engagement with IOL


  • Office space globally
  • R & D infrastructure

IOL Identified Project where donation can be given : Donation amount can be provided to the identified project of IOL.

a) Validation of Biological reference interval in Indian demographic.

Why this project?

Reference intervals are the most common decision support tool used for interpretation of numerical pathology reports. As laboratory results may be interpreted by comparison with these intervals, the quality of the reference intervals can play as large a role in result interpretation as the quality of the result itself.

This normal range is given by the kit reagent manufacturer, which is mostly followed by the laboratory. This Kit manufacture decides it on the basis of their study on a population selected by them. It is now the need of the day for interpretation of clinical decision value or biological reference interval